Should I wear my hair up? Or down? Or half up? Or...

One of the biggest questions I get asked from brides is, "should I wear my hair up or down?" And this is one of my favorite questions to answer.

First and foremost, how do you feel most comfortable? On your wedding day I truly believe that you should feel like a glammed up version of your everyday self. If you don't typically wear your hair in sleek pulled back updo and you don't care for your ears showing then your wedding day is probably not the best day to try out a style of that nature. Now of course there is always the exception to the rule.

That exception can come in the form of a very long wedding day. If your ceremony starts at 3pm and you aren't planning on departing from the reception until well after midnight then you may want to consider an up style for your big day. This will ensure that your style stays looking perfectly in place well into the night. If you aren't used to wearing your hair up, we can work together to create something you will feel comfortable with. 

Another thing to consider is your hair texture and density. Without getting too technical, is your hair fine, thick, wavy, coarse? All of these things can determine if your hair will hold a curl all day in a down or half up-half down style. If you are unsure about your texture or density, ask your stylist, that's our specialty. 

More than anything this is a day that you want to look and feel your best and you will have the pictures to look back on for years to come. Do what YOU want and feel most comfortable with! 

Photo cred: Mary Cyrus Photography

Photo cred: Mary Cyrus Photography