Dirty hair, don't care? Actually yes, I do care.

At todays wedding I got to give a good lesson on a very common topic of conversation, should my hair be clean or dirty?  The simplest most straightforward answer is: clean, dry hair is best.

Clean hair? Clean hair you say? But everyone has always said that dirty hair is best? What you talkin bout Danica???

Yes friends, I’m here to set the record straight. CLEAN dry hair is best when having your hair styled for a wedding or event. But what about dry shampoo you say? I didn’t have time to wash my hair so can’t you just use dry shampoo? I mean isn’t that what dry shampoo is for? Technically no. Dry shampoo does not replace actually washing your hair with shampoo and water. Dry shampoo is designed to repel moisture away from the scalp with a multitude of ingredients such as, alcohol, clay, and various fragrances. It’s a great tool when used correctly but no matter how much dry shampoo I spray in your hair it’s not going to make it clean or soak up 3 days of oil from your unwashed hair. Trust me. I’ve tried.

This is not a one size fits all answer though. If you think you have the type of hair that works best dirty then just ask me! Thicker, coarser hair types do tend to work better when they are one or two days dirty. But if you or your bridesmaids have any doubt once so ever or had your hair done for the rehearsal dinner at a blow out salon where they doused your hair in product then go with this rule: clean, dry hair is best.

Now that you are on board with having clean hair let’s also talk about why it needs to be dry.  Have you ever tried to style your hair into an upstyle when it’s wet or even damp. No? Ok, go try it and then come back and let me know how it went. You are likely going to tell me it didn’t work out well. Your hair got frizzy or the part that was still damp wouldn’t hold a curl or get any volume. Exactly. Fully dry hair will hold a curl and style way better than wet or damp hair. Wedding days are busy and unless we make arrangements ahead of time there won’t be anyone available to dry your hair.

Oh guess what? I forgot to tell you something! I know you are reading this right now and thinking wait my hair is going to be too clean/dry and this lady is insane. I can make your hair dirty. Yup. Hello our friend dry shampoo! And I won’t even charge you extra to do it.  My bag comes with an arsenal of sprays and powders to “dirty” up your hair. But leave that up to me to do, I’m an expert.